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Putting Your Adventure Together

Now that you've had an opportunity to investigate all the destinations and adventures available, here is useful information to review regarding pricing and policies. Do be sure to review it all and if you have any questions, just let us know—we're here to help!

About Guide Pricing

Before checking out pricing, it is useful to consider what that pricing provides.  Exploring the web, you will find a variety of rate schemes listed for various guide services, but regardless of how you do the math, you will find our rates to be the most competitive. In making your comparisons, it is important for you to consider the whole range of variables that go into the final pricing—and the final experience.  Among the many questions to consider are:

  • What's Included?: What equipment is included as a part of your adventure? All necessary hardware is included in your adventure with us. Additionally, many posted prices you'll find don't include added fees for overnights, travel to different destinations, or specific climbs.
  • Qualifications—Part 1: What are the teaching and leadership qualifications of your guides? Lead Guide Kel Rossiter is an American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) Certified Mountain Guide. This is the highest and most rigorous level of training and certification attainable for climbing guides.  This process takes years of training and examination.  To learn a bit more about the process, click here
  • Qualifications—Part 2: Our assistant guides are as passionate about climbing as they are about sharing climbing with others.  And they take their professional development seriously—all of our guides have training through the American Mountain Guides Association.  Click here to see a few reasons why this matters.  They have worked to not only advance their climbing skills, but to develop their instructional abilities so as to advance your climbing skills. Additionally, Lead Guide Kel Rossiter holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, and he brings this pedagogical attunement to every aspect of the programming.
  • Customization Through Collaboration: The trip development process is the result of a collaborative process where we learn about your timeline, climbing goals, and adventure preferences. Based on that, we develop a climbing adventure that takes your existing knowledge and skills to new heights.
  • Personal Communication: How much communication will your guide service provide in helping you to best prepare for your adventure? We pride ourselves on being there as your guide throughout the entire adventure process, from preparation, to the event, to moving onward and upward after that!
  • Skilled Professional Coaching: Will you be communicating with office staff or an actual guide? When you contact us, you'll be speaking directly with a guide who works in the field full-time and is familiar with the particulars of your adventure, and can help you best prepare for it. From figuring out the gear to determining the best climbing training progression, we're partnered with you throughout the adventure.

Taking into account these and other factors, we believe you’ll find Adventure Spirit to be the optimal value. If you have any questions regarding what sets our services above the rest in terms of performance and pricing, please contact us to learn about the Adventure Spirit edge.

Pricing Information

Climbing and skiing guide/instruction from American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) Certified Mountain Guide Kel Rossiter is priced as listed below. AMGA/IFMGA Certified Mountain Guides have committed to excellence in their profession. For a look at the extensive training and examination process this certification involves, click here. For a look at some of the value that AMGA certified guide/instruction offers, click here.

Pricing Options

  • 1 person: $425
  • 2 people: $250 per
  • 3 people: $215 per
  • 4 people: $195 per

Click here to make payment.

Pricing Options—Large Objectives

Large/highly technical objectives (e.g. Wallface in the ADK, Huntington Ravine Climb to Mt. Washington Summit, Grade IV Ice/Rock, or overnights) with guide/instruction from American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) Certified Mountain Guide Kel Rossiter [this is the highest level of training and certification available to mountain guides], have the following pricing options:

  • 1 person: $495
  • 2 people: $335 per
  • 3 people: $315 per

Click here to make payment.

ASG's Core Climber Pricing

Some people discover that climbing is more than a pastime. Climbing becomes their passion and an integral part of their life and being. And they are committed to cultivating that passion and that being over time. They are building their skills and abilities to tackle larger objectives on the horizon. These are Adventure Spirit's Core Climbers. If you have a climbing skills set that you are looking to develop over time towards wider horizons, please inquire about Core Climber pricing for your particular developmental goals.

Additional Pricing Options

  • Half-days—For some activities and venues, half day rates can be arranged as well—contact us for details. 
  • Large Groups—For larger group adventure options (more than 4 people), please contact us to discuss your adventure aspirations and the options and pricing available. 
  • Longer/Custom Trips—Pricing for our multi-day trip offerings such as the North Cascades Adventures and International Adventures are developed in consultation with you, based on your adventure preferences and particulars of the trip design. If you have a specific multi-day objective in mind, contact us to discuss pricing options.

What About Tipping?

While a gratuity for your guide is certainly not an expectation, it is just as certainly appreciated if you feel your adventure experience merits it. Tip amounts are up to you and proportional to the value you feel you received.

Cancellation & Change Policy

Our cancellation and change policy helps our guides with job security. Guides with job security are able to make a career out of it, and hence, excel at it.  With that in mind, Adventure Spirit maintains the following cancellation and change policies.


  • A 30% non-refundable deposit secures your adventure dates.
  • Full payment is requested no later than 30 days before your adventure.

Weather Cancellation & Changes

As you probably know, the weather in the Northeast can be fickle. As the saying goes, "There typically is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation," and we will assist you in being prepared for the weather and activities of the day.  If our guides determine that it is unreasonable to continue with your chosen adventure based on current or forecasted weather (and avalanche conditions in some cases), they will attempt to contact you as quickly as possible to present and discuss suitable alternative adventure objectives.  If the weather is clearly deteriorating and we must cancel the day's activities, you can reschedule your adventure for up to one year from the original date planned.

Personal Cancellations & Changes

We maintain the following policies for personal cancellations:

  • For cancellations made more than two weeks from the adventure start date, 30% of the adventure fee is non-refundable and the remainder will be issued as adventure credit valid for one year.
  • For cancellations made less than two weeks from the adventure start date, 50% of the adventure fee in non-refundable and the remainder will be issued as adventure credit valid for one year.
  • For cancellations made less than one week from the adventure start date, there are no refunds or credit given.

Travel & Rescue Insurance

For all your adventure-related travel we strongly recommend travel insurance. For all of our international trips, we require that you purchase a comprehensive rescue insurance plan—and no matter, where you adventure, if you adventure often, a rescue insurance plan is a very good idea.  Here are two companies we have worked with and recommend.   

Travelguard: Travelguard provides policies to insure the expenses of your trips. Our guides have purchased policies numerous times over the years and have cashed in on the policies twice.  In both cases, Travelguard was very prompt and complete in their refunding of costs incurred.  When setting up a policy, be sure to advise them you plan to engage in adventure activities and we highly suggest a policy covering pre-existing conditions.  

Global Rescue: Many people assume that with their American Alpine Club membership they are covered, but it is important to remember that coverage only goes up to $12,500. The reality of the matter is that just putting the key into the ignition of a fully-staffed rescue helicopter costs more than $12,500.  We highly recommend the policies offered through Global Rescue.  Perusing their website you'll see they are a world leader in rescue, with a well-staffed, well-trained operation that has experience in a range of rescue conditions.  Policies are available per-trip or on an annual basis.  Check out options here.  

Fitness & Liability/Release Forms

For all of our rock, ice, and alpine adventures, please link to the documents below and review them before our adventure.  Your guide will bring copies for you to review and sign on the climbing day.  These forms are required by our insurance company and these forms help us work with you to create as positive and safe an experience as possible.  If you have any particular questions or concerns regarding your health and fitness and the particular adventure in which you plan to participate, please let us know.


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