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Smugglers Notch Ice Climbing Conditions Report 03-11-13

Posted Monday, March 11, 2013
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Ragnarock area

Hidden Gully

Blind Fate Amphitheater

Workout Wall

Workout Wall

In the Blue Room

Two guide groups from Adventure Spirit Rock+Ice+Alpine were up in the Notch today.  With temps hardly freezing overnight, it made for some exciting shows to watch today:  TVs falling off the curtain right of Dougs Route, a 40 foot section delaminating from Ragna, and several wet avalanches releasing from atop Terror-tory and other area climbs.  Blue Room is still good.  Dave's probably.  Dougs went to the top pillar.  Terror-tory was good.  Blind Fate looked like it might still work.  Watership looked darn thin at the bottom, but thicker higher up.  Hidden Gully was in (see note on wet releases above).  Workout Wall left and right both still had workable lines.  Jefferson appeared overall pretty good--though certainly damp.  

Based on what we saw/climbed, there is still an array of climbing to be had in the Notch but there is also an array of things to be aware/cautious of.