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Climbing Higher with Bradley Alpinist

Adventure Spirit Rock+Ice+Alpine is now a Featured Guide Service with Bradley Alpinist.  It’s a natural partnership.   Bradley specializes in climbing gear for high-altitude and arctic mountaineering, carrying high-quality, durable, and functional items for summit pushes in colder and higher climates…Mt. Rainier, Pico de Orizaba, Denali, Cotopaxi, and onward and upward.  While it is possible to get climbing gear for your highpoint aspirations through a variety of sources, the thing I think you’ll appreciate most about Bradley Alpinist is the quality of customer service.  Like Adventure Spirit, Bradley Alpinist believes in the entire process of the adventure from the preparation to fruition.  If you’ve got questions about a specific piece of gear and your specific climb, they are specifically there to help you along the way.  Plus, you get a 20% discount on all purchases if you are prepping for a trip along with an AMGA certified guide.  With summer on the way, I hope you’ve got alpine aspirations and I hope you’ll check out this great resource for alpinists.