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Adventure Spirit SPI DEI Scholarship Information

Guidelines, Information, & Instructions for Application


Climbing is an excellent lifetime activity for all people across all ages and stages of life. Unfortunately, there are socio-economic and other barriers that prevent equal access to this activity. Similar barriers have existed for people looking to make the transition from climbing recreationally to climbing leadership in the professional context. The American Mountain Guides Association's (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course and Assessment process is considered the standard for rock leadership in single pitch environments. Those who successfully complete the AMGA SPI Course and Assessment have a significantly higher rate of success in finding employment in the outdoor climbing field. They also find improvements in their overall climbing skills set, personally and professionally. This scholarship opportunity is being offered by Adventure Spirit to open up access to this valuable climbing leadership program. The AMGA is committed to advancing DEI efforts in its work; however, this scholarship and any of the management of it is not in any way sponsored or endorsed by the AMGA.

Scholarship Review & Course/Assessment Enrollment

Your scholarship application will be reviewed by a volunteer panel working with Adventure Spirit. Based on their recommendations, in tandem with our own economic considerations, we will work to provide qualified applicants with assistance. All Course/Assessment participants with need to pay a minimum of $100 of their Course/Assessment. This must be paid in advance of the Course/Assessment and is subject to the standard Adventure Spirit policies listed here. Additionally, all Course/Assessment participants must be a current AMGA Professional Member ($80) at the time of the event and they are responsible for those fees and they will need to purchase the AMGA SPI Manual (approx. $20). So, in total, you will incur a minimum of $200 in expenses. If there are particular items of equipment that you need to successfully participate in the Course/Assessment, but are economically challenged in acquiring (e.g., 100' of static line), you are welcome to contact Adventure Spirit and we will assist you if possible; however, additional equipment expenditures may be necessary.

Scholarship Parameters

Our goal is to review and respond to all scholarship applications within 10 days of receipt. For all Adventure Spirit SPI Course/Assessments a minimum of 2 students paying the full fees is necessary for the event to run. If it looks like a Course/Assessment will not run, we contact any enrolled students to let them know. Our goal is to do this no less than 10 days in advance of the event, to provide people with time to develop an alternative plan. We will do the same with Scholarship recipients. At that point, Scholarship Recipients are welcome to carry their scholarship over to a future Course/Assessment offered through Adventure Spirit. Scholarship Recipients can also opt to take their Course/Assessment through another SPI Provider; however, this scholarship will not transfer over to those events.

Summary of Requirements/Steps & Expenses

  1. Visit the AMGA SPI page and check to make sure that you've met the necessary pre-requisites to take a Course or Assessment. If you don't currently meet the pre-requisites, you are welcome to connect with us regarding options for prep courses and/or mentorship.

  2. Send your resume documenting your climbing experience. You can find a resume template at this link.

  3. Fill out the SPI Scholarship Application Questions below.

  4. After reviewing your Scholarship Application, we will be in touch with you regarding how much funding we can offer. You will need to pay a minimum of $100 of your Course/Assessment. Make payment via one of the methods detailed here.

  5. Go to the AMGA Membership Page and join as a Professional Member ($80).

  6. You will also need to purchase the AMGA SPI Manual (approx. $20).

  7. Assemble the necessary equipment for your Course/Assessment. You can find the SPI Program Handbook at this link. The equipment list is on page five. Contact us if you need particular items and we will work to assist you as is possible.

  8. In total, the minimum expenses outlined above will involve a $200 outlay.

SPI Scholarship Application Questions

Please cut and paste the items below and email to

If you would like to speak on the phone, please call Kel Rossiter at 802-535-1498





(A calendar of our current Course/Assessment offerings can be found here. Please list all that fit your schedule. Feel free to inquire about future offerings.)


(Take as little or as much space as you need to communicate your situation. If written responses pose a particular challenge to you, contact us to set-up a recorded phone conversation covering these questions.)

  1. Diversity and inclusion presents itself in a wide spectrum of ways; Why do you feel diversity and inclusion within the climbing and climbing leadership communities is important and how will you advance that?
  2. How do you intend to apply your SPI skills following your SPI Course and/or Assessment?
  3. What are your longer-term professional goals in climbing and/or climbing leadership? How will participation in the SPI program aid you in that process?
  4. What are your longer-term personal goals in climbing? How will participation in the SPI program aid you in that process?
  5. Scholarship participants will need to pay $100 of the Course/Assessment costs. How much of the remaining costs are you requesting support with?
  6. If there's anything else you wish to share with us that you feel is important in regards to an SPI scholarship, please feel welcomed to do so.