Adirondack Ice Climbing

Sharp daggers and crystalline walls of ice seem to cover just about every one of the countless crags in the Adirondacks.  Equipped with our medieval looking ice tools and crampons, we’ll head out into these enchanted forests in search of ice dragons to ride!  While there certainly are many remote ice crags to be had, many of the ‘Daks most intriguing ice options have easy road access, allowing you to maximize your time on the ice.  Among the many, a few of our favorites include:

Chapel Pond Slab (WI2-3)—There are very few places where you can find seven-hundred consecutive feet of ice that is climbable even by first-timers, but Chapel Pond Slab is one of them.  Jutting out from the south end of Chapel Pond, the thin ice of the slab goes up for pitch after pitch of climbing pleasure.  This is a great climb for those climbing with partners, as the terrain allows for easy communication and many opportunities to be climbing in tandem. 

Chouinard’s Gully (WI3)—Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia Clothing) discovered this gem of a climb back in the 1960’s and used it to test out his new curved ice tools.  The tools were a hit, becoming the standard design for vertical ice, and the climb has remained just as popular.  Three-hundred feet of pure ice pleasure.

Chapel Pond Canyon (WI2-5)—This is a plum place for larger groups of diverse abilities or for those just looking for a lot of climbing options in a small space.  These climbs are mainly one pitch and the spacious belay areas are group (and even dog!) friendly.  Numerous ice climbs line the walls of this canyon, only minutes from the roadside.  Though that does mean the place can get a little crowded, if you hit it on the right day, you’ll get so much climbing in that you’ll have trouble gripping the steering wheel for the drive home.   


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