Warm Seasons Mt. Washington Clothing & Equipment Guide

White Mountain weather is moody.  And when it’s bad, it’s bad—and it can turn toward the tough at any time of year.  It is vital that you are properly clothed and equipped for this experience.   Keeping in mind varying conditions and individual preferences and styles, here is a list of items that may be useful to you:


  • 25-35L Backpack

  • Trekking poles (optional—useful if you've got knee issues)

  • Harness (depending on route/plans—supplied by Adventure Spirit)

  • Helmet (depending on route/plans—supplied by Adventure Spirit)

  • Climbing shoes (depending on route/plans—supplied by Adventure Spirit)


Note: All clothing should be non-cotton

  • Socks (we recommend Darn Tough!)

  • Sturdy trail shoes/boots with ankle support and good tread

  • Light-to-mid weight breathable sport pants

  • Light-weight base layer bottoms (for post-Oct 1st)

  • Shell pants (for post-Oct 1st)

  • Light-weight base layer shirt

  • Fleece shirt/jacket or down/synthetic jacket (x2)

  • Shell jacket

  • Light gloves

  • Warm hat

  • Visor cap

Other Supplies:

  • Sunglasses/sunscreen

  • Bug spray (until late August)

  • Personal OTC and prescription medication

  • Headlamp

  • Lunch food (enough for a high-energy day)

  • 2L Water (Camelback, Nalgene bottles, etc)