Alpine Climbing

Since ancient times, mountaintops have always been places of the spirit.  Up where the air is thin and the wind whips, the heavy encumbrances of the lower world slip away.  Find yourself here...

In the alpine, what is directly in front of us becomes what is vital.  Focus is essential—sometimes that focus is on yet another footstep toward the summit, sometimes it is on a delicate pick placement into verglas that requires all the grace you can offer—whatever the alpine environment asks of us, focus is always the answer.  Find your focus with us.  

Adventure Spirit offers alpine endeavors in the Northeast, North Cascades, Mexico, Ecuador, Pyrenees, and custom-select US & International destinations.  Each experience is crafted in consultation with you, based on your own aspirations, designed to deliver meaningful and lasting rewards—rewards that stay with you long after you've safely descended from the summit.


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